Alternative Dispute Resolution Group

Attorneys and their business clients frequently look to Metz Lewis to provide alternative approaches to resolution of business disputes. Contact us today to see how we can navigate you through your dispute resolution issues.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution Lawyers You Can Trust

Alternative Dispute Resolution offers cost-effective options, and is often preferred to the time, expense, risk and headaches of litigation. As with all practice areas at the firm, the Alternative Dispute Resolution practice of Metz Lewis is led by attorneys with sound business judgment and experience who recognize the value of prompt, practical and business-based resolutions to commercial disputes.

With arbitration, our dispute resolution lawyers work to advance the goals of true arbitration and avoid “arbigation”. Cases proceed expeditiously because we minimize motions, depositions and other discovery. We schedule prompt hearings and hold to that schedule. In mediation, we lead the parties to recognize their mutual business motivations and relationships which leads, in turn, to workable, lasting resolutions. When appropriate, we share our neutral evaluations of the issues to assist the parties in assessing the merits of their positions and the benefits of a negotiated solution.

Areas of specialty include but are not limited to:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions Dispute Resolution
  • Estate, Tax and Corporate Governance Dispute Resolution
  • Intellectual Property and Technology Dispute Resolution
  • Commercial Dispute Resolution
  • Energy and Natural Resources Dispute Resolution