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At Metz Lewis, the litigation services that we offer add value to the prosecution or defense of a case and, in the long run, save legal fees. Contact us today to see how we can navigate you through your complex litigation challenges.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution Law Firm

Metz Lewis Litigation Advantage

Metz Lewis does litigation differently because we think like business people, not just litigators. This characteristic is unique compared to other firms’ litigation departments. Specifically, the Firm carefully considers the total effect of actions in litigation on clients’ customers, supply and distribution chains, reputation and desires. The Firm does not file any pleading or discovery without the input and approval of the client. Lawsuits should not be full of surprises and Metz Lewis strives to ensure that there are none. Early evaluation, proactive strategy and good communication are the keys to successful representation.


Our Firm serves as national counsel for a number of companies where either alone, or with the assistance of local counsel, we set the strategy, coordinate discovery and try to verdict, if warranted, the clients’ commercial litigation. In the last 5 years, we have handled litigation in California, Texas, Illinois, South Carolina, Iowa, Indiana, Ohio, New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, West Virginia and Washington D.C. and all federal districts and many counties in Pennsylvania. Over that time period, we have handled over 150 commercial litigation cases.


Our Firm’s Litigation Group has sufficient depth at all levels to effectively and efficiently handle a variety of commercial disputes. From common pleas arbitration matters to federal court class action and antitrust litigation, our Firm staffs each case based on the level of complexity and the client’s wishes. Our cases are not “cookie‑cutter” cases and are not treated as such. Each case is independently evaluated and staffed appropriately.


Our Litigation Group provides value in being proactive in each case in which we are retained. Each case is evaluated at the outset, a case assessment letter sent to the client, and an action plan developed. Research, if necessary, is conducted at the outset of the case to serve as a guide for the development and implementation of a strategy. Witnesses are interviewed as soon as possible to allow a relationship to be developed and to evaluate the ability of each witness to withstand cross-examination. Early compilation of documents and e‑discovery prevents surprises later. Discovery requests are tailored and limited. We do not, as a matter of course, propound generic interrogatories and requests for admission. Those are only sent if warranted. We always send requests for production of documents, but the requests are well thought out and unique to that particular case. These services all add value to the prosecution or defense of a case and, in the long run, save legal fees.