Property taxation and real estate tax assessments in Allegheny County have long been both political hot potatoes and legal quagmires.  More questions are raised than answered.  It is our new assessment too high?  How can we find out?  Will our taxes go up?  Are these new numbers for real?  Will the school district, the township and the County adjust their millages?  Are they allowed to do that?  Do they have to?  How does that affect us?  Should my business file an informal appeal?  A formal appeal?  Both?  Neither?  When?  Is it cost-effective to appeal?  Who is in control of this anyway?  Should we just do nothing?  What happens if we do nothing?

Metz Lewis Brodman Must O’Keefe LLC can help.  Firm attorneys are experienced in the tax assessment arena, and are well-qualified to assist you to make the best decisions based upon these unique circumstances.  Countywide reassessments present an array of problems for taxing entities as well as taxpayers, and the staff at Metz Lewis has planned strategies to reduce and control the significant tax liability that could result.  Even facing a landscape that changes daily, and at times unpredictably, Metz Lewis can provide valuable insight and recommendations.  In addition, Metz Lewis has long-established relationships with highly-qualified appraisers who can provide any necessary market expertise for both planning and litigation services.  For more information, please contact Steve Petrikis( or John O’Keefe ( or call 412.918.1100 and ask for Steve or John.

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