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Rachel D. Felton


Posted on November 4, 2022

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has issued a new “Know Your Rights” poster as of October 2022, replacing the now outdated “Equal Opportunity is the Law” poster. 

Employers should make sure to replace the old poster within a reasonable time. 

What information the new poster includes 

The new poster highlights the demographics eligible for protection, the laws under which employees are protected, how to remain in compliance with the laws, and explains how employees or applicants can file a complaint if they believe they have experienced discrimination. 

How the new poster differs from the old one 

The EEOC has improved the new poster by using straightforward language and formatting and by adding a QR code so that future filers have quick and easy access to the correct webpage. In addition, the EEOC has included information about equal pay discrimination for federal contractors, notes specifically that workplace harassment is discriminatory, and clarifies that discrimination due to pregnancy or other conditions related to sexual orientation or gender identity is indeed sex discrimination.  

Where and how it should be displayed

The EEOC urges workplaces with over fifteen employees to hang the new poster as soon as possible, in a “conspicuous” location where notices to applicants and employees are customarily provided. The agency also recommends making the poster available digitally on the website of the workplace.   Employers who do not have a physical location or have employees who work solely remote, should post the poster on their websites. If an employer fails to comply with the posting requirement, it could face

This post was written by Rachel Felton with support from Nkechi Amadiegwu. fines. 

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