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LeRoy L. Metz, II


Posted on July 24, 2018

Both the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate are working on a tax bill which, among other changes, aims to protect taxpayers from identity theft and the tax fraud that can follow.

If the Taxpayer First Act of 2018 is passed by both houses and signed by the President, which seems likely, a taxpayer whose tax return has been delayed, or in any way negatively impacted by a tax related identity theft, is to be given a single point of contact within the Internal Revenue Service.  That single point of contact will be a team of IRS specialists who have the ability to work throughout the Internal Revenue Service to resolve issues and remain accountable to a taxpayer until the matter has been resolved.

If the Act becomes law, it will be a great service to taxpayers.  Previously, taxpayers have been buffeted from one corner of the Internal Revenue Service to another when they try to obtain their refunds or even information about the identity theft or tax fraud which has befallen them.  We often complain about Congress, but this would be a positive step for everyone involved.

If you become the victim of an identity theft, please contact us.  We have had good results getting our clients through the problems caused by identify thefts.

This post was written by LeRoy Metz.

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