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Steven Petrikis


Posted on January 28, 2020

The assessed value of any Allegheny County property, commercial or residential, may be appealed annually by any interested party, including the owner, the school district or the municipality.

The deadline for any such assessment appeal is March 31, 2020.

If you have received any information suggesting that the assessed value of your residential or commercial property exceeds its fair market value, you should consider an appeal.   For example, if recent sales in your neighborhood for similar properties are for prices below your assessed value,  or if the rental income derived from a commercial property is declining, or if you know of any appraisal or other property valuation less than the amount of your assessment,  please give Rachel Felton or Steven Petrikis a call at 412.918.1100.  Both are experienced tax assessment attorneys, and both are also litigators who can vigorously advocate your appeal before either the Board of Property Assessment Appeals and Review (known as BPAAR) or the Allegheny County Board of Viewers.

At this time of year,  do pay close attention to any mail received regarding your property assessment.   School Districts frequently file assessment appeals in the month before the deadline.  Often, the School District will file appeals when the recent sales price for a property exceeds the assessed value.   While the sales price may be relevant evidence of a property’s fair market value, these cases can be successfully defended on a number of bases.    If that letter comes, get in touch with your Metz Lewis relationship attorney or Rachel or Steve directly, and we can help you defend the School District’s appeal.

This post was written by Steven Petrikis and Rachel Felton

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